What KeelHaul was:

An ancient form of torture reserved for the harshest punishments where a sailor was dragged, underwater, across the Keel of a ship and if he didn’t drown, he would probably die of infection from the barnacles.

What KeelHaul is:

A modern form of punishment in the form of entertainment where pub fare and beer lead to hangovers deserved of lesser men.  It is good Traditional music with a modern edge.

Thanks for letting us use your kitchen!


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KeelHaulTV is the OFFICIAL home of videos and is also the home of ConradGoes. Yes, it's an unorthadox arrangement, but it works.

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FineVog Films helped create this awesome video for Wayne's country song "Cliche"
 live on the Tsawwassen Sunfest stage in 2017




Wayne performing a cover of Matt Andersen's cover of Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire"




A very old clip of Wayne playing "Sonny's Dream" in the Lounge Studio, for the failed weekely program "Tuesday's at the Lounge"