What KeelHaul was:

An ancient form of torture reserved for the harshest punishments where a sailor was dragged, underwater, across the Keel of a ship and if he didn’t drown, he would probably die of infection from the barnacles.

What KeelHaul is:

A modern form of punishment in the form of entertainment where pub fare and beer lead to hangovers deserved of lesser men.  It is good Traditional music with a modern edge.

 Thanks for letting us use your kitchen!

Two hundred years ago, KeelHaul would have been wandering the pubs and kitchens of the New World, spreading music and stories to their fellow working class, keeping the traditions of the old world alive. Dave would be in the corner playing old ballads on his squeezebox and Wayne would be telling tales of fishing and travelling exploits that may, or may not be true. Sue would be making sure that everyone was content with lots of grub and grog, and like a true ringleader, she would make sure the boys burst into song on cue. This was the essence of the Kitchen Party.

KeelHaul is a Vancouver based Traditional, Celtic Folk group bringing the East Coast to the West Coast.

Atlantic Canada is known for its warmth, hospitality and famous Kitchen Parties.  The KeelHaul crew has emerged from the very kitchen where they started and have taken their rustic edge to a higher level by arranging traditional Irish and Newfoundland songs with a contemporary flair.  Drawing on the folk stars of the 60’s and 70’s, like the Dubliners, the Clancy’s, and Harry Hibbs, they breath new life into yesterdays songs and share them as if they were their own.  It’s like taking a step back in time without leaving the cappuccino’s and internet behind.

Since they formed in 2005, the kitchen party has played numerous festivals,  pubs, legion’s and kitchen’s from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. March 17, 2009 was the official release of their CD, ~A Maritime Tradition~.

KeelHaul also supports many charity and fund raising groups, and has performed these at no cost to the organizers.  They feel it is important to support those who are supporting others.

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The KEELHAUL crew is: