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January 2, 2019

Happy New Year and all that!

It's hard to believe that St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. Well, for us it is and the preperations have already began.

There are lot's of good things in store for the crew this year. We're not quite ready to share it all, but in the intrest of building anticipation, Sue and I are working on a Re-Branding of our music so to speak.

There will be more to share in the upcoming months.

Wayne has started a small Youtube channel called TheWayneReport, and it's in the process of re-branding as well. It initially started life as a training Vlog for theRock n Roll Vegas Half-Marathon, now it will be a Music and Fitness (and whatever else) Vlog. It might be interesting.


November 13, 2018

We're back at it!
Upcoming dates are as follows:

Every Friday night, to the end of year, (at least) we're excited to be back in White Rock, playing our favourite place:

The Dew Drop Inn 15065 Marine Drive Main
WhiteRock, BC V4B 1C5
7pm - 9pm

Other Special Dates are:

November 17, 2018
Lobster Fest
The Tsawwassen Legion (Branch 289)
22-1835 56 St
Delta, BC V4L 2L8
6pm - 9:30pm
Admission is FREE, Lobster orders in advance, call
604-943-0232 for information and details

November 24, 2018
Danny and Bridie Burns Community Fund
Ceili's Irish Pub & Restaurant
7331 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC V6X 3V9
Event runs 12:30pm - 8:30pm
We're Onstage from 5:30pm - 6:15pm
We are honoured to be invited to play with the best Celtic / Folk Musicians in Vancouver


August 14, 2018

Thank you to everyone who made the Annual SummerFest a HUGE success over the BC Day Long Weekend.

How lucky we are. To top it off we were honoured to play the SunFest Main Stage on a Hot, Sunny Monday afternoon.

Save the Date : Friday Sept 7, 2018 we're having a big Summer Wrap up Party at the Dew Drop Inn. You don't want to miss it!


April 25, 2018


We are High Energy. We are Fun.

It seems that can be found every Friday Night at:

The Dew Drop Inn 15065 Marine Drive Main
WhiteRock, BC V4B 1C5
7pm - 9pm

Please stop on by for a song or two... and Don't be so Fecking Shy!

I suppose you can call us the Kitchen Party House Band... or something like that. We have committed ourselves to Friday's in White Rock for the Summer.

We're planning plenty of surprises and fun... as well as all your favourite East Coast, Newfoundland and Irish Traditional Folk Songs and Tunes. Don't worry, we won't forget about all your favourite Sing-Alongs.

The Kitchen Party has begun.

March 22, 2018

First and foremost: A Huge Thank You to all who made this years

St. Patrick's Day such a Massive success

Next, it seems that can be found every Friday Night at:

The Dew Drop Inn 15065 Marine Drive Main
WhiteRock, BC V4B 1C5
7pm - 9pm

Please stop on by for a song or two... and Don't be so Fecking Shy!

JANUARY 16, 2018

Hello to all our Skullywags and KeelHaulers!

There are a couple of events that are fast approaching, and we want to make sure that everybody is informed.

January 25, 2018
The Dew Drop Inn
15065 Marine Drive Main
WhiteRock, BC V4B 1C5
7pm - 9pm

March 16, 2018
Tsawwassen Legion (Branch #289)
22-1835 56 St
Delta, BC V4L 2L8
Pre-St.Patrick's Day Party
6pm - 10pm

March 17, 2018
Rose & Crown Pub
1203-56th St
Delta, BC
1pm - 4:30pm
6pm - 10pm
The BIGGEST St. Patrick's Day party in Town!
The Best St. Patrick's Day Party Around!
We're NOT even lying!

We'll see everybody then

kh- Crew


December 3, 2016

Thanks to the Tsawwassen Legion and Angie Hurst for organizing an excellent evening of entertainment, and allowing us to be part of the fun. has been in dry dock for sometime, but with a new direction in mind, we look forward to sharing the new look and sound in March, 2017 at our annual St. Patrick's Day celebration at the Rose & Crown in Tsawwassen.  

So, mark your calendars.  March 17, 2017.  New look.  New sound .


March 19, 2013

With spring comes new life. With new life comes change. With change comes a new adventure. The time has come. The adventure starts now. formed in 2005 for a St. Patrick’s Day house party and since then we’ve played our traditional Maritime / Irish Celtic music from coast to coast in bars, pubs, festivals, legions, back yard parties and kitchens.

We have entertained; poured our hearts out on the floor and met some great people and musicians along the way. It has been nothing short of a dream come true, but it’s time to put the microphones and instruments away for a while.

We’ve been followed, fanned and liked on every conceivable social/music media site and we thank our friends – and a few strangers, too – for this.

Music is in OUR blood and it would be foolish to believe that any one of us could just put the instruments away and not touch them again, but for the time being, and foreseeable future, the ship is in dry dock.

It’s been a great run and just as much fun. Thank you one and all.

The Crew: Wayne, Dave and Sue

February 13, 2013

The end is Near:

Hello all (to be honest, we have no idea who ALL is, but greetings none the less), has been around since 2005 and has been lucky enough to have been able to play many great venues on both of Canada's coasts, record a CD and received AirPlay on a prominent Internet radio podcast. Pretty Damn Cool.

The time for change has come. Our last show EVER will be on St. Paddy's day at the spot where it all began. The Rose and Crown Pub.

We thank everyone for the love and support over the years and wish everyone the very best.

Emails can still be sent to: for the next while.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
The KH Crew. Wayne Dave and Sue


Sept 16, 2012

We just finished our last show for the year last night. It was an awesome 1/2 way to St. Paddy's Day celebration at our favourite local haunt, The Rose & Crown. It was topped off by a few members of the Delta Police Pipe Band playing a set of tunes before the final set of the night. Spectacular! had a great summer. A couple of highlights were playing in Coalmont, BC celebrating a 100 year old hotel in a scene that would have rivaled anything ever seen on the old TV show "Real People". Granny's, Bikers, Baby's, Elvis and Chicken Shit Bingo. We would do it again in a heartbeat!

We also made some friends in Nanaimo at Fibber Magee's. It's located in a heritage Train Station, had awesome decor and super friendly folks that work there. With a little luck, we'll get back there early next year, or who knows... maybe a special end of the year gig.

REVERBNATION has been good to us. We have been ranked #2 for a few weeks now. It feels really good to be ranked so high locally, especially when some of the other folks on the list are frieds of ours and deserve it much more than us. Thank-you ReverbNation.

We're putting the 'ol KeelHaul ship into DryDock for the winter and looking forward to seeing everyone when the New Year hits.

The KH Crew


July 28, 2012

We just got back from the beautiful village of Coalmont, BC and want to thank all of our new Best Friends for making it an awesome, unforgetable weekend. Happy 100th to the Coalmont Hotel! -- The whole thing never would have happened if our friends in NewFish hadn't done all the hard work. So, thanks a bunch for that too!

KeelHaul's fall plans are coming together and all will be told in due time. Updates will be posted here and of course on the usual media sites.


the KD crew!

July 2, 2012 has been playing kitchen parties, pubs and festivals since 2005, and after a wee bit of a break, they are gearing up for action again. It's too soon to tell all, but exciting projects are in the works for the fall of 2012 and when the time is right, you will hear it first here and on our FaceBook page.

Be sure to stop by our REVERBNATION page and listen to some music.

We thank you for your support.

the KH crew has been ranked #5 locally on the ReverbNation page since April 2012. thanks for the support.


March 20, 2012

A special thanks to all the crew who came out to support and participate in our St.Paddy's bash at our favourite pub, The Rose & Crown. below are some video links to our Rocky Road to St.Paddy's 2012.

We shall be off the grid for awhile, but don't be shy. Feel free to drop us a line anytime... you know how to find us

-Until then, The KH Crew!





July 10, 2011

Although I realize that our website does not have the most traffic on the internet, I have a very important Public Service request for anyone that may see this post.

A friend of mine has had some very precious music equipment stolen recently, and if you could just click on the link, and be on the look out for any of the gear... well, it would be greatly appreciated.

As a personal note: Any musician knows how attached and personal a piece of equipment, especially something like a guitar, can be. It's been 20 years since my custom made guitar was stolen, and I still look for it. When it was stolen it broke my heart, took my inspiration, stole my passion for electric guitar and a piece of me was gone with it.

Please consider this before taking anything that is not yours.




April 24, 2011

As far as News Releases go... We still don't have Buddy. Buddy was everything to the band and it is very difficult to continue on. Not to be over dramatic, but is now Officially on a L O N G - B R E A K !

The Power-Trio may return in the future, but for now their availability is Very Limited. That being said, make us an offer we can't refuse, and we'll be there!

All the Best!

The KH Crew

April 18, 2011


It has been 1 month since BUDDY's mysterious disappearence. We had a massive flyer campaign that we had High Hopes for, but no phone calls.

Last week Buddy's Sombrero was returned to us! We are not giving up hope yet! Police have taken his hat and dusted it for prints, but unlucky for us, the real world is NOT like CSI. Crushed velvet does not give the cops any fingerprints.

We have not given up hope for Buddy and are sure there will be an email or phone call real soon. Remember: There is a reward for Buddy's safe return... and we are sure he is alive and well somewhere.

Come home Buddy. Come home. can't go on without you!


March 26, 2011


It's been over a week, and we still have not heard hide-nor-hair from Buddy and we are getting very worried about him. There have been a series of Bear-nappings in the area lately. One just last week as well in the Surrey area, and another a few months ago right here in Tsawwassen! There is obviously a Serial-bear-napper on the loose, and although the other cases have had happy endings, we fear a Grizzly ending for our Polar friend. It's just a feeling, but we won't give up hope.

If you have any information about Buddy, please pass it along! Remember, there is a Reward.


BOLO ALERT: If anyone finds a small white Polar Bear wearing an even smaller sombrero from Cancun, please return him to us. He answers to Buddy and, when seated, measures about 8 inches high. He's so fluffy!!


March 18, 2011

After a successful St. Paddy's Bash, our Tour Manager, Merch Bear, Mascot and long-time travel companion went missing! Buddy's disappearance from his perch on the banister was noted early this morning after a few pints of beer and has left the crew hoping that the bear-nappers haven't gone and gotten him all tatted and pierced.

If you have any information which may lead to Buddy's return, please contact us or deliver him to the Rose & Crown in Tsawwassen. A reward will be given and no questions will be asked...please...we just want our Buddy back.

The KeeHaul Crew

Wayne, Dave & Sue